Event Handling

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SSPG acknowledges that success of any event management methodology is the capabilities of the tools used. We employ web based conference tools for registration, invitations / RSVPs, attendee messaging, contact management; data base creation among others. For International staff, we process visas, work permits, hotel bookings and securing of conference/ workshop venues.

An event checklist outlining all the conference format, lifecycle activity integration and operational process will be put in place. When managing the conference, the actual physical activities will endeavor adherence to the facets of management, coordination, information, competence monitoring and review.

We recognize our duties as event managers as; in collaboration with our clients as ensuring health and safety arrangements in place to control risks; ensuring co-operation and proper co-ordination of work activities; providing employees and others with relevant information on any risks to their health and safety; ensuring the competence of staff to undertake their role safely; monitoring health and safety compliance and reviewing our quality and standards arrange.