Security Advisory Services

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SSPG seeks to offer comprehensive security for projects in hostile environments in the Horn of Africa with direct and easy access to all areas of Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Eritrea.  We also provide a range of services for the provision of project risk management in post conflict and conflict regions, piracy and maritime security advisory across the Indian Ocean and Red sea. With extensive experience in counterterrorism, crises management, close personal protection and training, we provide extensive range of strategic consulting services in protecting physical infrastructure and human assets.  We provide the following security solutions.

  1. Risk research and assessment
  2. Unarmed security personnel for compound entrance management
  3. Armed security for compound and guest houses
  4. Protective vehicles equipped with telecommunication system for safe transport
  5. Safe-house facility
  6. CCTV surveillance installation and maintenance  for office and houses
  7. Door lock access card/fingerprint system installation and maintenance for office and house
  8. Airport pick up and drop for international staff/ experts