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The Mining Sector in Somalia is currently untapped but with high potential for exploration and exploitation. A number of rudimentary/ artisanal small scale mining activities in limestone, Piezo-quartz and uranium have been reported in parts of Somalia. The current mining in Somalia is primarily for the production of non-metallic minerals which consist of gemstones, salt, sepiolite, gypsum, and kaolin.

SSPG acknowledges the fact that, since colonial and post-independence time, Somalia has remained a final frontier to offer opportunities and surprises to companies that venture into mining. From the old available data on minerals in Somalia, the known mineral targets can be classified in these five main categories, namely:

  1. Mining for precious and semi-precious minerals: Only artisanal miners are involved in this activity in their search for gold, diamond, platinum and gemstones such as emerald, ruby, sapphire,   tourmaline and meteorites.
  2. Industrial mineral targets include phosphates, kaolin, bentonite, potash, lithium brines, sepiolite, talc, iguana, pegmatites and quartz.
  3. Target ores: Iron (Fe), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), rutile for Titanium, tin (Sb), gold (Au) and silver (Ag)
  4. Target energy minerals: These include uranium, lignite, coal, and hydrocarbons – oil and gas
  5. Mining for building materials and ornamental stones: Granite, limestone, marble, kaolin and lime production

The SSPG team will partner with investors in the mining sector, to carry out geological and mineralogical surveys, lobby government for the enactment of appropriate mining laws and link foreign investors with local businesses in the mining sector.