Research and Analysis

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SSPG operates in hard to access and challenging environments where clients need accurate, insightful and evidence-based research combined to inform key decisions information and development. We work with our clients to deliver the following:

-Baseline surveys
-Needs assessments and gap analysis
-Market analysis and feasibility studies
-Key leader interviews, focus groups and perception surveys
– Stakeholder and influence mapping

We seek to partner local research organizations and, where none exist, help build capacity by employing and training local researchers. Our team of qualified professionals has experience managing local research teams, providing training and employing participatory research methods to ensure a legacy of research capacity is developed through our projects.

We use a variety of traditional and innovative methods to collect evidence and conduct analysis, including workshops, focus groups, surveys, interviews and quantitative modeling techniques. We aim to lead the debate on ethical research in conflict-affected areas. Our team is comprised of qualified, seasoned professionals, trained to the highest standards in qualitative and quantitative methods. We apply our regional and technical expertise to distil lessons learned.